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More people turn to the web to plan their vacations - shouldn't you be there?

When planning a vacation, business or convention trip do you check out what's happening where you are going? With the development of the Internet many people have been doing their own research before setting out to spend money and time on a trip. If you are on the web and have links to the various cities, county or resort chambers and/or the "yellow pages" you can be found easily. Once at your site, good navigation to what you offer and a map to your location can increase your foot traffic.

Let me help you get the word out. I can design a site that reflects your personality and make it enjoyable to the viewer. I will encourage design that works and can offer you the results of research with domain naming; registration, hosting and can work with you to do the work needed to achieve worldwide availability.

A site that offers a wide range of services will draw them back time and again for planning their trips. For a trip to Maui in I spent 2 weeks trying to make reservations for lodging, activities and for a luau. Unfortunately there was not a site that did more than one of these things, and each one I did find only offered a couple of choices. What a novel idea! So my husband and I decided it was time for TheBest Of ... series :

If you are interested in being listed at either of these sites contact web@wildcatwebdesigns.com

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