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About Kendra the Webmaster at Wildcat

I have always loved making things that please the eye.

It started as a kid making clay shapes in the backyard (ask my mom - she loved them, but could seldom identity them). In school I learned to make pottery and jewelry, unfortunately drawing escaped me, I loved it but it didn't particularly like me. My artistic flairs were put on the back burner temporarily.

After moving to Breckenridge, Colorado in 1980 I took up pottery and jewelry once again. Then I discovered the art of stained glass, tried watercolors and worked at "real" jobs for a while. A turn of events gave me the opportunity to take classes to earn a computer science degree at the local college here and I found another "form" of art…computer graphics. I specialized in web design and the graphic programs related to it. I found many different programs for designing web pages, Homesite, Pagemill, Golive, Coldfusion, Visual basic, Frontpage and Dreamweaver. Add in the graphic development software from Adobe - Photoshop and Illustrator plus Macromedia's Flash, Fireworks and Freehand - what fun!! So now I am showing others what fun this can be. I am designing pages for local businesses (see samples) and each person gives their site their own flair.

I think it is very important for local businesses to put themselves out on the Internet. In doing so they have placed themselves in the path of future vacationers/conventioneers who are cruising the great Internet highway. We have a great local network on the web through the Resort Chambers, local Hosts and just plain old interlinking between business sites. Breckenridge and Summit County has so much to offer year-round for folks from all over the world, we just need to put ourselves out there to be found.

My newest project is something my husband Tom and I have talked about for years. When we were first married we spent 6 months working and traveling in Europe, when we returned we spent considerable time traveling the western part of the United States. Now we finally have the chance to use our knowledge of travel with our over 50 years of living and working in various resorts in the US and Switzerland.

You can log onto *www.BestoftheRockies.info* or *www.BestoftheHawaiianIslands.info* - come see how one site can list all categories of information you need to plan a vacation. We will offer sections on activities, restaurants, hotels, motels, B&Bs, and then go one step further and let you print out maps to each spot, list beaches/ski areas/sightseeing spots and more. Also a page where you can make a list of where you are going - when - confirmation info - phone numbers and you can make copies to leave with the baby-sitter/housesitter and your MOM.