Wildcat Web Designs

New! Virtual Tours, a 24/7/365 tour of your business, vacation rentals
or real estate listings. (Realtors and FISBOs welcome)

Web Design

My philosophy on website design is the "kiss" principle - keep it simple. If a website tries to have everything, music, animation, slideshows, videos, flash and all the fancy new doodads available you have a sluggish and slow download - even with the fast machines of today. Most folks will not sit around and wait for such a site to finish downloading. I work with you to make your site as fast as possible with the things you really want to see on your pages. Clients I have will tell you that I am easy to work with, I will not use terms you do not understand and/or will explain them so you can understand them.

I will work with you to find a design and budget that works for you on an individual basis.

HTML Programs I work with Dreamweaver ( I can set up so you can work with it - if you can work with Microsoft Word, you can update your own site)

Complimentary Programs:
· Photoshop
· Illustrator

Additional flourishes:
· Virtual Tours
· Interesting local links
· Slide shows